Hair Services

Colour, Perms and Straightening

$74 - $92
Full Highlights
$105 - $145
Partial Highlights
$79 - $113
Balayage or Ombre
Perm Treatments
Brazilian Hair Straightening
Great Lengths Hair Extensions (more info below)
By Consultation

Tape in extensions also available.

European hair extensions

(includes installation)

Toner, blow dries and cuts are extra
Hair Botox

This treatment is for hair cuticle alignment, volume reduction, divide ends repair and parched hair without movements.
Suitable for volume reduction, frizz reduction, divide ends sealing and parched hair.
appx. 1.5 hr

New talent - prices are all 25% off



Both Ombre and Balayage are colouring styles that transition colour from darker at the top to a lighter shade at the bottom, however, Ombre results in no dark pieces at the bottom whereas Balayage has darker pieces interspersed with the lighter colours at the bottom resulting in a 'sun-kissed' look.


What is the differnce between Microblading and Ombre Powder brows?

It is important to do your research before booking a permenant makeup procedure. Not only is the actual way the procedure is performed, but the overall achieved look, is different as well between "Microblading" and "Ombre Powder Brows"

Desired Look:
Microblading mimicks hair like strokes
Ombre Powder brows achives a soft 'powder" makeup effect

Microblading uses blade to implant the pigment.
Powder brows, uses an ultra fine needle.

Which lasts longer?
Microblading on average lasts a year before needing a touch u, vs Ombre brows xan last 1-3 years before needing a touch up

Skin Type:
Microblading works the best on normal to dry skin, it is not recommend for oily skin
Ombre Powder brows works on all skin types

Both procedures have a bit of down time and healing process, it is expected. Because microblading is more invasive and pigment goes deeper into the skin, the healing time is longer.



Add length, volume, colour and style with the most advanced and gentle methods of application, available only through our Great Lengths Certified Extension Artists. First quality, 100% human hair, strands are available in 35 hand blended shades plus 14 “fashion” shades.   

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Our price structure reflects a level system. Our service providers’ prices reflect their experience, level of education and personal growth. Extra charges apply to long and/or thick hair.