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Conditioning Treatments

Discover hair care with the energy of plants. Our innovative formulas leave hair essentially damage free.

Infused with plant oils, you hair is left healthier, shinier and more vibrant than ever.

Ku'r Mask Treatment
Ku'r Getaway Treatment
Ku'r Ultimate Treatment
Gloss Treatment for Hair
Blonde Restructuring treatment
$101 and up

Body, Strength and capillary Resistance – ideal for damaged blonde hair.
This treatment has Luna Matrix, which is a complex of amino acids found in the most important fiber regenerators.  It promotes the capillary mass replenishment lost in naturally or through aggressive chemicals, working wisely in all phases, from the hair cuticle to cortex.  This treatment promotes resistance, strength elasticity and layer reconstructuring of amino acids and proteins.
appx. 1 hour

Hair Botox
$151 and up

This treatment is for hair cuticle alignment, volume reduction, divide ends repair and parched hair without movements.
Suitable for volume reduction, frizz reduction, divide ends sealing and parched hair.
appx. 1.5 hr


Our price structure reflects a level system. Our service providers’ prices reflect their experience, level of education and personal growth. Extra charges apply to long and/or thick hair